Twitter Training


On this Twitter Training Course you will learn how to setup an account, how to use it effectively and how to start building an effective social media presence.

  • What’s So Good about Twitter?
  • Setting up your Twitter account for the first time
    • Things to bear in mind when setting up your Twitter profile
  • How to Effectively Tweet
    • Finding More Followers
    • Publicizing Your Twitter Username
    • Top Followed People on Twitter
    • Hashtags – what are they and why are they useful to you?
    • ReTweeting – how to do it and why other Tweeters value them
    • Sending a Direct Message to another User
    • Searching Twitter to Stay on Top of the Trends
    • Maintaining Your Reputation on Twitter
  • Keep it clean, & be nice!
  • Start talking about things that show off your knowledge
    • Cleaning up Your Twitter Account
    • Protected Updates versus Public Updates – What’s best?
  • Twitter Apps & Bots You Should Know About
    • Desktop Apps
    • 10 Twitter Bots You Might Want to Follow
    • Other Useful Twitter Websites & Applications
  • Twitter Tips & Tricks
    • Scheduling your Tweets for Later with SocialOomph
    • How to Automate New Followers

See our upcoming schedule for this course in Glasgow  or  Edinburgh