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Spreadsheet and Database Application Development

We provide consultancy and software development solutions to clients who often have very specific needs requiring our expert help.  Application Development solutions involve tailored consultancy services, bespoke program coding, professional project management, and can be developed in partnership with clients along with up-skilling.

This means we can:

  • Develop systems for you, using information from you, to fit your bespoke requirements.
  • We can work in partnership with you – applying our expertise combined with your knowledge of your own operations.
  • We can oversee projects, show you how it is done, make recommendations and guide your team every step of the way.

In practice, work of this type usually involves elements of all three approaches above.

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access

Custom designed databases ensure a system designed just for your requirements, meaning less time wasted on a day to day basis and more efficient data input processes and reporting tools.  For example we developed a Learning Event Management Control database for a mid-sized public sector client using their preferred desktop software tool, Microsoft Access. This allows tight quality and co-ordination control, featuring the security of using a single co-ordinated system for running all types of training courses, both internally and with their external providers. 12 years on we continue to provide support for this functional tool when required, averaging an onsite visit only every 2 years – a testament to the reliability and robustness of the original design.

Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel

Excel is a very powerful and adaptable tool, but it is also easy for mistakes to creap in if not properly “locked down” & protected.  Using VBA coding to provide a bespoke interface and restrict access to design and formulae to all but admistrator-level users.  A range of profiling tools – designed to help identify and progress changes in business strategy – were developed for a major brewer and drinks distributor.  This included tools (all designed using Excel VBA sub procedures, functions and forms) for candidate selection, business process analysis, and for evaluating market opportunities.  We have also developed an election count verification tool for a large local authority to facitilitate and validate the election night count for general elections and referenda.

Examples of some of our development projects:

  • An international membership system for a major academic body, which includes the automation of an annual renewal procedure
  • A multi-stage activity tool, linked using VBA with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, providing customisable auto-reminders with detailed task options at flexible intervals prior to deadlines
  • An automated data archiving process within Microsoft Access for a grant-funding body
  • Inventory Database for multi-ste museums division in Fife, Scotland
  • A Programme Tracking Database, linked to Microsoft Project,  for a UK power company
  • An Academic Dictionary – an encyclopedia of globally relevant and standardised information with cross-referenced terms and articles – the electronic version of a best selling UK Business Studies publication
  • Skills & Training system for a large public sector organisation allowing them to schedule training courses at various locations, maintain a waiting list for popular courses, send auto-reminders, joining instructions and report on attendance rates, costs and quality.
  • A KPI Reporting tool for an international drinks company
  • An engineering maintenance projection program for a large infrastrucutre project
  • Training Needs Analysis and Skills Gap Indentification for the HR division of an Edinburgh based organisation with sites across the whole of the UK
  • Appointments and waiting list system for a Glasgow based counselling service
  • A UK research register designed to facilitate co-operation amongst business school academics across the country

If you think a bespoke database may be required we can help – initial discussions don’t cost anything and you would be under no obligation to proceed if you decide on an alternative solution.

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