Facebook For Business


Our Facebook for Business training courses cover how to use Facebook as a business tool.  Our sessions are hands-on instructor led sessions in a computer classroom. Each attendee will practice on their on PC. These are  practical training sessions, helping you explore the Facebook platform and the opportunities that come from understanding how it works.

With Facebook for Business you will learn how to:

  • use Facebook features effectively
  • optimise your Facebook profile
  • attract new Facebook audiences
  • market yourself/your business on Facebook creatively

Covering details such as setting up your timeline, promoting a company Facebook page and using Facebook events features.  You will also see how to analyse your success with reports from Facebook Insights.

Many businesses expect a good understanding of Facebook from a corporate perspective and this practical training course unravels it all for you.

Facebook Training Course Content

  • An introduction to Social Media and Facebook.
  • What are the business benefits of a Facebook profile?
  • The ground rules; the major do’s and don’ts about creating a business profile on Facebook.
  • How it works – the basics.
  • How it works – the advanced and little known features.
  • Getting your message across on Facebook.
  • Building your brand on Facebook.
  • Connecting and research with Facebook.
  • Creating new customers and keeping them.
  • Driving visitors to your website through Facebook.
  • Enhancing your Facebook activity.
  • Direct communication with your Facebook ‘friends’.
  • Generating leads through Facebook for offline follow-up.
  • Essential third party tools and applications.
  • Facebook and legal implications.
  • Your company on Facebook.
  • Your competitors on Facebook.
  • The sector in which you operate and Facebook trends.
  • Achieving your company/organisation goals on Facebook.
  • How to set up and optimise a Facebook Page.
  • Facebook etiquette – Dos and Don’ts.
  • What to talk about, and how to hit the right tone.
  • How to reach a new audience using Facebook.
  • How to encourage more discussion and interaction on your Page.
  • What to do about negative or inappropriate comments.
  • How to develop, execute and measure a campaign on Facebook.
  • Facebook adverts – what they do and how to analyse whether they’ll work for you.

Scheduled courses are held regularly in our training centres in Glasgow & Edinburgh and on-site courses by arrangement across Scotland.

See our upcoming schedule for this course in Glasgow  and  Edinburgh.