HTML Training


HTML & CSS Introduction Training Course

This 1 day HTML training course is ideal for beginner level web designers who wish to create a website without any software, or for users of tools like WordPress who have learned how to use a web software package and wish to use HTML / CSS for additional customisation. Attendees will learn how to build a fully working site over the duration of this course.

Attendees should have basic internet browsing skills for this course.

Duration: 1 Day

Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Browsers
  • Editors
  • Local & Remote Sites
  • Related Software

Overview of HTML

  • Overview
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Creating an HTML document

Formatting text with HTML

  • Character formatting with HTML
  • Paragraph formatting with HTML

Adding local and remote links

  • Using local links
  • Adding remote links
  • Working with the named anchor tag

Adding graphics and sound

  • Linking to and embedding graphics
  • Create links to multimedia files

Creating lists in HTML

  • Different types of lists
  • Multi-level or nested lists

Creating tables in HTML

  • Creating and modifying tables
  • Using advanced table elements

Creating Cascading Style Sheets

  • Creating and modifying a Style Sheet
  • Working with custom styles
  • Applying styles to tags

Web page design guidelines

  • Web page style considerations

Considerations for HTML in Email

  • Best Practice for MailChimp Email Newsletters
  • Popular Layouts
  • Images
  • Avoiding SPAM Filters

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