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Microsoft Access Database Design and Maintenance

Microsoft Access is a database application that helps you analyse larger amounts of information, and manage related data far more efficiently than Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Microsoft Access works by storing related information together, and letting you create connections (called relationships) between different bundles data. The relationships between two different things in Microsoft Access can be quite simple, such as a customer and purchase transactions made by that customer, but can often seem complex. Eident’s comprehensive range of Microsoft Access training courses will help you become an expert, from building your own database design from scratch to maintaining a business critical system day to day.

Training Solutions

Our Microsoft Access training courses will help you get to grips with database design concepts, understand and implement the entity relationships between data sets and learn about the fantastic range of features Microsoft has built into the software which enable you to build and work with robust databases.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Training Courses running in Scotland this month:

Access 2016 Introduction    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2016 Intermediate    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2016 Advanced    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2013 Introduction    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2013 Intermediate    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2013 Advanced    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2010 Introduction    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2010 Intermediate    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2010 Advanced    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2007 Introduction    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2007 Intermediate    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2007 Advanced    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Access 2003 Introduction    On Request
Access 2003 Intermediate    On Request
Access 2003 Advanced    On Request
Access Visual Basic – VBA (all versions)    Glasgow  |  Edinburgh
Microsoft Access – All Levels    Glasgow | Edinburgh

We can deliver Microsoft Access Training Courses onsite at your premises, providing a suite of training laptops if required – email for a competitive quote now –

Microsoft Access Database Development Projects

Microsoft AccessWe can also build your Microsoft Access database for you!  At Eident our team of software developers have successfully designed, built and project managed a range of databases for clients across a range of sectors.

These include

  • International membership system for a major UK academic body, which includes the automation of the annual renewal process
  • A multi-stage activity reminder tool linked with Microsoft Outlook providing customisable auto-reminders with detailed task options at flexible intervals prior to deadlines
  • An automated data archiving system for a UK funding body
  • Inventory system for multi-ste museums in Fife
  • A Programme Tracking Database, linked to Microsoft Project,  for a UK power company
  • An Academic Dictionary – an encyclopedia of globally relevant and standardised information with cross-referenced terms and articles – the electronic version of a best selling Business Studies publication
  • Skills & Training system for a public sector organisation allowing them to schedule training courses at various locations, maintain a waiting list for popular courses, send auto-reminders and joining instructions and report on attendance rates, costs and quality.
  • A KPI Reporting database for an international drinks company
  • An engineering maintenance projection system for a large infrastrucutre project
  • Training Needs Analysis and Skills Gap Indentification for the HR division of an Edinburgh based organisation with sites across the whole of the UK
  • Appointments system for a Glasgow based counselling service
  • A UK business studies research register designed to facilitate co-operation amongst academics across the country

If you think a bespoke database may be required we can help – initial discussions don’t cost anything and you would be under no obligation to proceed if you decide on an alternative solution.

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