Microsoft Office 2019 Upgrade Training Course


Eident’s Microsoft Office 2019 Upgrade training courseMicrosoft Office 2019 Training Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland will quickly get you up to speed on all the new features. Your expert instructor will guide you through new features such as Ink, Accessibility Checker, Office Sounds, Language Tools, and Scalable Vector Graphics. You will explore the powerful new functions and charts in Excel, updated inbox and scheduling features in Outlook, new presentation options in PowerPoint, and additional tools in Word to help you build better documents. The rollout of Microsoft Office 2019 introduces a number of new features that can help you work smarter and faster with key applications in the suite. In this Microsoft Office 2019 Upgrade training course we highlight each of these features and enhancements, including suite-wide enhancements and program-specific new features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Course Topics Outline

  1. Common Features across All Microsoft Office Products
    1. Using Ink in Microsoft Office
    2. Accessibility Checker
    3. Microsoft Office Sounds
    4. Language Tools
    5. Scalable Vector Graphics
  2. Upgrading to Microsoft Excel 2019
    1. New functions
    2. New charts
    3. Enhanced visuals
    4. Ink improvements
    5. Sharing
    6. General improvements
    7. PivotTable enhancements
    8. Power Pivot updates
    9. Publish to Microsoft Power BI
    10. Get and Transform (Power Query)
  3. Upgrading to Microsoft Outlook 2019
    1. Accessibility Checker
    2. Focused Inbox
    3. Hands-Free Typing
    4. New Time Zone Capabilities
    5. Read Aloud
    6. Reminder Settings
    7. Email Sorting Options
    8. Updated Summary Cards
  4. Upgrading to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
    1. Morph Transition
    2. Zoom
    3. Text Highlighter
    4. 3D Models
    5. Background Removal
    6. 4K Exports
    7. Recording Features
    8. Funnel charts and 2D map charts
  5. Upgrading to Microsoft Word 2019
    1. Learning Tools in Word
    2. Equations and Formulas
    3. 3D Images
    4. New View Settings

Eident’s Microsoft Office 2019 Upgrade Training Courses are scheduled regularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.