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Scenarios and What If Analysis in Microsoft Excel

What If Analysis in Excel Microsoft Excel’s “What If” analysis features provide answers to a variety of mathematical problems. For example, you can use Goal Seek to find what principal amount, based on a specific interest rate, will require you to make a £1,000 mortgage payment. You can use a data table to determine how[…]

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Custom Functions in Excel VBA

You can write Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) code to create your own custom functions in Excel VBA, known as Used Defined Functions. Working With User‑Defined Functions Although Excel includes many built‑in functions, you will often need to create your own user‑defined functions to perform calculations for which no Excel function exists. For example, you[…]

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Spreadsheets or Databases?

When should I use Excel Spreadsheets and Access Databases for my different types of data? Microsoft Access is a database application. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. They possess many similarities, which can make it difficult to decide which program you should use. For example, both programs can store large amounts of data, run powerful[…]

Microsoft Excel Training Course at Eident

Training Course Discounts

At Eident we offer substantial discounts to multiple attendees booked on any of our standard public training courses.  For every additional attendee an organisation sends on one of our training courses in Glasgow or Edinburgh the percentage discount increases. Discounts from 25% to 85% apply for multiple bookings on the same course. For example, for[…]

Microsoft Excel

Controlling how you view your data in Microsoft Excel

In this post we highlight many of the common options of controlling how you view your data in Microsoft Excel.  From dealing with multiple views on the same data sheet, freezing panes to make your headings always visible, to managing and working with mutiple sheets and workbooks. Creating Multiple Views In many cases, you might[…]

Microsoft Excel

Using Simple Functions in Microsoft Excel

Functions are built-in formulas that you can use to make your worksheet computations easier. For example, the SUM function adds all cells within a given range. For instance, if you wanted to add cells B8, B9, B10, B11, B12, B13, and B14, you wouldn’t need to enter cell references and operators by typing or pointing;[…]

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Microsoft Excel VBA Function Procedures

User-Defined Functions Microsoft Excel VBA Function Procedures can be used to standardise and simplify any type of calculation in Excel spreadsheets. As a user of Excel you will be aware that the application already comes with a vast library of functions. In Excel, whether you use a simple SUM() function or a more advanced one,[…]

Excel Power Query

Use Microsoft Excel Power Query To Transform Your Data

With Microsoft Excel Power Query you can share and manage queries as well as search data within your organization. Users can find and use these shared queries (if it is shared with them) to use the underlying data in the queries for their data analysis and reporting. Power Query Transforms Your Data You add your[…]

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New Course – BI Dashboard Design using Microsoft Excel

On recent advanced Microsoft Excel training courses we have been asked to tailor content to include good Business Intelligence (BI) reports, commonly dashboard design.  When designed well BI Dashboards help to engage the power of visual perception to communicate information efficiently. BI Dashboard design using Microsoft Excel is increasing popular and covers a range of[…]

Royal Mail PostCode Analysis in Excel

Breaking Down PostCodes with Microsoft Excel

During the recent Microsoft Excel training program we delivered for the national Citizens Advice service we tailored the content to respond to relevant data issues.  One of these, breaking down postcodes with Microsoft Excel to allow for better location analysis, we thought we whould share here: UK PostCodes are a mix of letters and numbers[…]