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Plugins now supported in WordPress.com Business Plan

Through a major update just announced to the WordPress Business Plan option (currently priced around ¬£20 per month – see WordPress.com pricing options), you will be able to access and add¬†third-party plugins and themes built by the WordPress community. With support for plugins and third-party themes, WordPress.com Business users will be able to connect their[…]

Eident Project

Understanding Mircosoft Project’s Global Template

The Global Template When Microsoft Project is started it creates a new blank project file which, although it contains no Tasks or Resources, has all the standard Views, Tables and Calendars etc. This is all provided from Mircosoft Project’s Global Template, a file called Global.mpt. The first time a view, table, or similar element is[…]

Microsoft Visio

Using Stencils in Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio enables you to create a variety of different drawings from organizational charts and flowcharts, web site maps and network drawings to office plans and timelines. When you begin a new diagram, you can start with one of the Visio solution templates, which contain all the shapes, styles and page scaling that you need[…]