Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Match Index Functions

Use Match Index instead of VLookup Our Microsoft Excel training courses take your through many of the program’s built-in functions, including the combined use of Match Index. One of the most popular is the VLOOKUP function, which lets you search for and return values in an Excel worksheet as if it were a database table.[…]

Microsoft Project

New Microsoft Project Reports Features

Microsoft Project’s New Report Tools Everyone’s reporting needs are different, and for years Mircosoft Project’s reporting options were very limited and looked outdated. Now however Microsoft have built impressive new reporting features into the Project software application. Building off familiar Microsoft Office components, you can now create reports with charts and tables in Microsoft Project[…]

Microsoft Access

Recording when Edits are made in Microsoft Access

A common question we get from people working with Microsoft Access databases is How can I record & audit when changes were made? To create a detailed audit trail you would need to set up a one-to-many relationship for each table involved so that each table has a related table holding a history of edits. […]

Microsoft Excel Date Formulae

Microsoft Excel Date Calculations, Formulae & Functions

Date Calculations in Excel With Microsoft Excel Date Calculations, is there an easy way to work out current age using an Excel formula? Yes!   a function called DATEDIF used to work really well. Unfortunately Microsoft no longer supports this function in Excel – you can still use it, but you just don’t get any help[…]

Microsoft Outlook

Sharing your Microsoft Outlook Calendar

You can share Microsoft Outlook calendar information with other people by using Microsoft Outlook in three ways: By email With Microsoft Exchange Server accounts By publishing a calendar online Share Microsoft Outlook calendars by email Calendars shared by email arrive in the recipient’s Inbox as email message attachments, with a Calendar Snapshot in the message[…]