Microsoft Project

Three Crucial Points for Proper Resource Assignments in Microsoft Project

Know the Basic Scheduling Formula Duration = Work/Units Understanding  of  the  meaning  of  these  three  terms (See Project Help), as well as the formula itself, is key to  understanding  how  Project  schedules  a  task.    To anyone who has changed any of these three parameters on  a  task,  without  understanding  this  formula,  the  changes  that  Project […]

Microsoft PowerPoint

Five More Useful Ideas for Microsoft PowerPoint

Following on from our recent PowerPoint Top Tips, we’ve added these five simple ideas, to help make the most of your use of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. 1.  Display Information Clearly Think about the effect of the design of your slide. You may choose one of the existing design themes that come with PowerPoint, or create one[…]

Microsot Access 2016

Five Quick Tips for Working in Microsoft Access

Need some help with your Microsoft Access databases? Here are 5 quick tips to help you achieve great results! 1. How to create an autonumber field that begins with a number greater than 1 In the Microsoft Access tables the AutoNumber field type allows you to assign a unique sequential number for each row in[…]

Microsoft Project

Top Ten Tips For Microsoft Project

In our experience training, mentoring and consulting with users of Microsoft Project, we have found that with the proper training and understanding of a few simple rules that govern the tool’s behaviour, users’ frustration levels can be drastically reduced. In our training courses we demonstrate how to apply those rules so that the tool becomes[…]

Microsoft Excel

Five Top Tips to Working Smarter In Excel

Here are 5 great tips for working smarter in Microsoft Excel 1. Sticky format painter. Double-clicking on the Format Painter icon will cause it to stick, so that you can continue to apply the desired format to multiple cells, ranges, columns or worksheets. To turn off this effect, either press the Esc key or click[…]

Social Media Icons

COPFS Guidelines on Social Media

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) has launched written policy guidance on communications sent via social media, to provide clarity on when such communications will amount to criminal conduct. While the Lord Advocate has previously explained where the legal boundary lies, particularly in the run up to the Independence Referendum, they have chosen[…]

Eident Training

Developing a Learning Plan

A guide to developing a learning plan Meeting needs in a challenging climate — smaller budgets, greater needs Organisations need to ensure realistic returns on their investment in employee training programs. For many, identifying benefits from training such as improved performance, increased efficiency and reduced time on everyday tasks are difficult to measure. Often, when[…]