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Management Control in Microsoft Project

One of the prime reasons for using Microsoft Project is to track the start and end times of each task as they are completed to maintain control of the completion date. Management Control in Microsoft Project is about tracking the tasks on the Critical Path. Delays can accumulate because of the interdependence of the tasks.[…]

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Understanding Mircosoft Project’s Global Template

The Global Template When Microsoft Project is started it creates a new blank project file which, although it contains no Tasks or Resources, has all the standard Views, Tables and Calendars etc. This is all provided from Mircosoft Project’s Global Template, a file called Global.mpt. The first time a view, table, or similar element is[…]

Microsoft Excel Training Course at Eident

Training Course Discounts

At Eident we offer substantial discounts to multiple attendees booked on any of our standard public training courses.  For every additional attendee an organisation sends on one of our training courses in Glasgow or Edinburgh the percentage discount increases. Discounts from 25% to 85% apply for multiple bookings on the same course. For example, for[…]

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Project Planning with Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a great tool to help you to plan projects, manage and update project information, and communicate the status once the project is under way. Planning with Microsoft Project help provides a good structure to help ensure project success. Getting Started The details of the project Tasks and associated Resources are entered into[…]

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Plan for the New Year – Understanding Project Planning

Understanding Project Planning & Management At the heart of every project planning and management system is a scheduling algorithm. An algorithm is a mathematical or logical equation that solves a complex problem by breaking down the problem into simple steps. When scheduling resources and parameters are entered into it, the scheduling algorithm produces a project[…]

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Take our Quick Microsoft Project Crossword!

If you know Microsoft Project well, or have been on one of our highly rated Microsoft Project training courses, this quick Microsoft Project crossword quiz should take you just a few minutes to complete. There are clues a few key words and some crucial Project terminology that every Microsoft Project user should know and understand.[…]

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Project Overview

Here is a very brief project overview introducing basic concepts of project planning, management and critical path analysis. Definition of a Project The Project Management Institute defines a project as follows: A Project is a unique undertaking with a defined starting point and duration directed at achieving defined objectives, utilizing finite or infinite resources. The[…]

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5 Key Tips on Delivering Successful Projects

Our highly rated Microsoft Project training courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh cover not just the technical features and functions of the powerful planning and management tool but how to apply standard methodologies and best practice guidelines when using the software.  Richard Spires of Learning Tree International has identified 5 key tips on delivering sucessful projects and[…]

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Agile Microsoft Project

Many people find it difficult to work out how to use Microsoft Project outside the traditional PRINCE2 lifecycle stages or waterfall schedule approach. Iterative activities such as Scrum or agile planning and dynamic schedules are becoming increasingly popular and, of course, can be implemented with the help of Microsoft Project. Here you will find key[…]