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Microsoft Access Database Design

Microsoft Access Database Design Concepts A database is a collection of information organised and presented in a structured way.  There are many popular software applications which can be used to build databases from the humble spreadsheet to proper relational database management systems. Data                           = Pieces of information. Database                   = Information Source. Reasons for using a[…]

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Spreadsheets or Databases?

When should I use Excel Spreadsheets and Access Databases for my different types of data? Microsoft Access is a database application. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. They possess many similarities, which can make it difficult to decide which program you should use. For example, both programs can store large amounts of data, run powerful[…]

Microsoft Excel Training Course at Eident

Training Course Discounts

At Eident we offer substantial discounts to multiple attendees booked on any of our standard public training courses.  For every additional attendee an organisation sends on one of our training courses in Glasgow or Edinburgh the percentage discount increases. Discounts from 25% to 85% apply for multiple bookings on the same course. For example, for[…]

Microsoft Access

How to optimise the performance of Microsoft Access Databases

Is your Microsoft Access Database running slowly? Do Queries take for ever to load? Read on for our great tips on optimising the performance of your Microsoft Access Database. Optimising General Table Performance To achieve the best performance results, apply the following guidelines for table design in your Microsoft Access Database: Design tables without redundant[…]

Microsoft Access

Recording when Edits are made in Microsoft Access

A common question we get from people working with Microsoft Access databases is How can I record & audit when changes were made? To create a detailed audit trail you would need to set up a one-to-many relationship for each table involved so that each table has a related table holding a history of edits. […]

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Five Quick Tips for Working in Microsoft Access

Need some help with your Microsoft Access databases? Here are 5 quick tips to help you achieve great results! 1. How to create an autonumber field that begins with a number greater than 1 In the Microsoft Access tables the AutoNumber field type allows you to assign a unique sequential number for each row in[…]