Microsoft Publisher Training


Date(s) - 02/06/2021
All Day

Glasgow Training Centre


Audience: Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application that is used to create professional-looking publications, such as business cards, email newsletters, brochures, and much more. Microsoft Publisher brings together a host of tools which enable you to efficiently build and customise your own marketing materials and tailor them to your company’s specific needs.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Desktop Publishing Terminology
  • Work with Publisher
  • Setup Pages
  • Use Graphics
  • Insert Pictures
  • Work with Batches
  • Scratch Area
  • Swapping Pictures
  • Picture and Text Effects
  • Insert Text Frames
  • Use and Format Tables
  • Create a mail merge
  • Create and use master pages
  • Create a template
  • Publish to the web

Module 1: Introduction to Desktop Publishing

  • Layout and design good practice
  • Desktop publishing terminology

Module 2: Working with Publisher

  • Drawing objects
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Working with the clipboard
  • Selecting Objects
  • The Format tab
  • Undo
  • Create a Publication
  • Save a Publication
  • Print a Publication
  • Print preview and print options
  • Photo centre Printing
  • Using Help

Module 3: Page Setup

  • Page Setup options
  • Using Guides and Rulers
  • Create and use a Background Page
  • Manage Pages
  • Set custom page types
  • Create and use headers and footers
  • Use page numbering
  • Set page borders

Module 4: Graphics

  • Insert Graphics
  • The Scratch area
  • Inserting batches
  • Swapping pictures
  • Creating picture backgrounds
  • Picture effects
  • Insert calendars
  • Insert advertisements
  • Insert page parts
  • Insert placeholders
  • Draw a shape
  • Format Shapes
  • Size, Adjust, Move and Nudge
  • Layer and order objects
  • Group objects
  • Wrap Text with graphics

Module 5: Text Frames

  • Working with Text
  • Text effects
  • Text boxes
  • Format text
  • Use Styles
  • Set Tabs
  • Set Indents, Bullets and Numbering
  • Check your Spelling
  • Use Autocorrect
  • Text flow and connection of text boxes
  • Text box Properties
  • Deleting a Text box
  • Insert business information
  • Catalogue pages
  • Insert and format WordArt

Module 6: Use and Format Tables

  • Create a table
  • Insert a table
  • Adjusting Columns and Rows
  • Formatting a Table
  • Deleting a Table
  • Designing for the Web


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