Microsoft Project Introduction


Date(s) - 25/05/2020
All Day

Glasgow Training Centre


Audience: This Microsoft Project introduction course is for those who are a new user, or if you have some knowledge of Project and wish to understand of how to get the best out of the application.

Course Duration: 1 day

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Project terminology
  • Open and close Project plans
  • Tell Me
  • Modify the Project calendar
  • Create Project plans
  • Entering tasks
  • User controlled scheduling
  • Task durations
  • Link tasks
  • Task Inspector
  • Understand resource over-allocations
  • Set the Project baseline
  • Use the tracking toolbar
  • Tracking

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to Microsoft Project
  • Project terminology
  • What is the Critical Path?
  • Use of Baselines
Module 2: The Basics
  • Opening and closing a Project plan
  • Navigating the Project window
  • Working with the ribbon
  • Backstage view
  • Tell me
  • Zoom slider

Module 3: Creating a Project

  • Set the project start date
  • Working with the Project’s calendars
  • Difference between individual and the Project calendars
  • Entering non-working time
  • Project properties
  • Saving a Project

Module 4: Entering and Editing Tasks

  • Understanding and specifying the task mode (manually scheduled or auto-scheduled)
  • Adding auto-scheduled or manual tasks
  • Entering task durations
  • Visual highlight
  • Adding milestones
  • Reordering tasks
  • Inserting and deleting tasks
  • Reordering tasks
  • Creating summary tasks (Outlining and WBS)
  • Adding outline numbers and Project summary tasks
  • Task priorities
  • Task notes
  • Inactive tasks

Module 5: Linking Tasks

  • Understanding the types of links (relationships) between tasks
  • Linking tasks
  • Modifying task relationships
  • Entering lead and lag times
  • Split tasks
  • Difference between deadlines and constraints
  • Set a deadline
  • Discuss types of constraints
  • Set a constraint

Module 6: Resourcing the Project Plan

  • Introducing the types of resources
  • Adding resources
  • Modifying the resource types
  • Assigning resources to tasks

Module 7: Additional Resource Techniques

  • Resource over-allocations
  • Viewing resource assignments and finding over-allocations
  • Task inspector
  • Resource leveling
  • Viewing the Project critical path
  • Introduction to the Team planner

Module 8: Setting a Baseline

  • When to set a baseline
  • Set a baseline
  • Clear a baseline

Module 9: Introduction to Tracking


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