Microsoft Access Visual Basic (VBA) Training Course


Date(s) - 20/09/2022
All Day

Edinburgh Training Centre


This training course teaches experienced Access users about the greater advantages to be gained by combining the built-in features of Access with the programming capabilities of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The course is designed to give delegates a thorough overview of programming within the Access environment, enabling them to improve the functionality of their Access databases, whilst providing a useful introduction to VB programming.

Course Aims to enable delegates to:

Work with objects, use the Object Browser, identify collection objects, and use the Controls collection. Manipulate data by declaring variables, combine data by using expressions, get user input, create Sub and Function procedures, and call one procedure from another. Use decision structures and loop structures. Identify compile-time, run-time, and logical errors; use the debugging tools; and write error-handling code.

Course Content

Visual Basic For Applications Overview·       The VBA Editor

  • Program Structure
  • Customising The VBA environment

Create powerful applications

·       Objects, Properties and Methods

  • Synchronising Forms
  • Storing Return Values

Learn basic programming structures

·       Working with Modules

  • Creating Sub Procedures
  • Calling Sub Procedures

Work with conditional statements and loops

·       The If Statement

  • The Do Command
  • Looping

Create custom message boxes

·       Evaluating a Message box

  • Responding to User Selections
Create Custom functions·       Using Built-in Functions

  • Creating Custom Functions
  • Calling Function Procedures

Interact with Excel or Word

·       Opening Other Applications

  • Destroying Object Variables
  • Adding Data

Write error-handling code

·       Stepping Through Code

  • Using the Intermediate Window
  • Setting a Watch on a Variable

Validating User Input

·       Checking for Null Values

  • Offering Choices


Requirements before booking this course:

This is a generic course and is suitable for users of any version of Microsoft Access. This course is particularly beneficial for those with a sound knowledge of Access who are familiar with other features available such as tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and relationships.

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